Church of St. Nicholas (Temple Sv. Nikolay)

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Church of St. Nicholas (Nicholas Sea) - a unique pyramidal structure, located on the highest hill of the middle of the Fraternal Cemetery is a monument to defenders of Sevastopol. The height of the chapel is 27 meters. High base consists of "blocks," treated rustication, and struck with lead, which was cast out of bullets collected in the field of battle. On all sides of the pyramid on its faces are located granite slabs, which are the military units involved in the defense of the city, the siege and losses.

How it all began. Immediately after the Crimean War began to appear proposal for the construction of the church. In autumn 1856, Alexander II gave permission for the construction of the temple with the money raised through voluntary donations. Prince VI commissioned the design M. Eppinger and prominent architect AA Avdeev, among the works which at the time were such buildings as the church in the Byzantine style in the province of Ryazan, Moscow University Observatory and the nobility Krotkova mansion in Moscow. Vladimir's Cathedral, located at the top of the central hill town is also the creation of Alexei Alexandrovich Avdeev.

The project is the chapel of St. Nicholas in the Brethren Cemetery Alexander Avdeev develops in July 1857, and after he reviewed the Alexander II, the project was approved.

Since then, the church has undergone significant changes, as evidenced by miraculously preserved conceptual design: the walls appeared narrow windows, the cross has become much more massive, and because of that was placed at the top of the bell tower, pyramid increased in height. The first stone of the Church of St. Nicholas was lit and laid on 5th September 1857.
It was originally planned to build a temple for three years, but the construction was spread over thirteen years. The main reason was the lack of funds, despite the fact that the donations received from almost all parts of Russia. As a result, construction was suspended at all, Alexander Avdeev went to St. Petersburg, and when he came back - was engaged in the construction of the cathedral.

Construction and finishing work was completed only in 1870, in the presence of Admiral Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich, and the temple was lit.

In 2007, the church of St. Nicholas turned 150 years old.

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