National Philharmonic Society Of Ukraine

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The countdown concert seasons National Philharmonic is the year 1863, when Kiev branch of the Imperial Russian musical society (ERMS). Already in the early 19th century. the musical life of Ukraine and Kiev is booming. The Kiev contract fairs come with concerts of famous European musicians: Ferenc Liszt, Wieniawski and others. Thus, the creation of the musical society was timely. Among its founders were such well-known by then, public figures and musicians as r. Pfening, m. Lysenko, p. Seletsky, m. Bogdanov.

GPS coordinates: 50.4538532607549, 30.5286291836364 qrcode

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Касса +38 (044) 278-16-97
Генеральный директор +38 (044) 279 6251

Phone Number: +38 (044) 278-16-97
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