Rozhdestva-Sergievskij temple

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Church in honour the 2000year of Christmas is Christly and in the name reverend Sergija Radonezhskogo in Kharkiv stopped up in 1998. In the bottom temple of prp was a year sanctified. Sergija Radonezhskogo, and in 2001 temple of Christmas Christly was fully complete. In 2007g. in eve Christmas a metropolitan is Kharkiv and Bogoduhovskij Nicodemus sanctified icons and painting of overhead temple. The magnificent coloured painting and rich internal maid appeared on white walls. Numerous frescos are told about the main stages of course of life of Rescuer - from birth to martyr's death on a cross and subsequent resurrection. For the best safety, painting is covered by the layer of beeswax, which gives old"times"to her. Stained-glass windows, arriving at on an area 85 s q . m ., are unique. They are made in Kharkiv on classic technology: from the pieces of the stained glass, clamped by the metallic partitions of the special type

GPS coordinates: 50.042777777778, 36.223055555556 qrcode
Distance: km

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