the Mykolaiv church (Askol'dova grave)

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Temple, sacred to Nikolay-wonder-worker, is on historical locality, known as "Askol'dova grave" (in ancient times - Ugorskoe natural boundary). In 882 a prince Oleg killed the Kyiv rulers of Askol'da and Dira here. From times of princess Olga here a wooden church stood sv. Nikolay (on other version, a place of burial of the first christian prince Askol'da is higher, on the top of hill in r-ne of present Sq. of Slava). A lithoidal temple as a rotunda is built in the XIX century on the project of arh. A. Melenskogo. In 1918 on the Askol'dovoj grave the Kyiv students-patriots, lost in a fight with bolshevists under Krutami, were buried. In soviet times on territory of cemetery was parked. A cross is lately recovered in memory about the heroes of Krut. A memorable sign (1997, arh. Ja. of Vig), sacred to the events of the IX century, is set, when on the Askol'dovoj grave the tribes of ugrov (Hungarians) decided on a way from Povolzh'ja in present Vengriju.

GPS coordinates: 50.444, 30.5514 qrcode
Distance: km

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