Baby Bar

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The order price Credit Cards Open: 11.00 - 22.00" Children's bar in an adult ", a very bright and cheerful. Located in Lvov Square in the city center. hidden gem for parents. On the big screen without a break twist cartoons.'s games room and lots of toys worldly entertainment. Here everyone can find a little man something to do: drawing, folding cubes, rolling down the hills, playing daughter Mother, salochki-skakalochki and more. Main hall - 40 seats, a games room, a summer playground. European, specially organized children's menu. Among additional entertainment - karaoke, dominoes. Holidays for children, babysitting service.

GPS coordinates: 50.4558, 30.5076 qrcode

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+38 (044) 537-22-23

Phone Number: +38 (044) 537-22-23
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