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The order price Open: 11:00 - 23:00 Café-Bistro "Tairai" located in the central part of Odessa near Tiraspol area. B "Tairai" dishes are prepared and served in the bistro format that is quick, tasty and affordable prices. All prepared in front of the visitors chef Thais Vessey, who skillfully takes into account the difference between the tastes of people in Thailand and Europe. Vess delicately adapts dishes, such as reducing the severity, but not denying the charm of Thai food coloring. a sushi menu.

GPS coordinates: 46.4795, 30.7315 qrcode

Contact info

+38 (048) 770-00-55, (048) 722-27-97

Phone Number: +38 (048) 770-00-55
Email: communications@tairai.od.ua
URL: http://www.tairai.od.ua/
Distance: km

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