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The order price Open: 10.00-22.00 Japanese restaurant "Yapi" reflects the spirit of modern Japan, near the center of the city of Sumy. Unlike traditional Japanese restaurants in the style of the old days, the "Yapi" completely no bamboo, hieroglyphics and paintings of Mount Fuji, and the staff does not depict any geisha or samurai. B "Yapi" dominates steel gray din. Guests are for glass tables without legs. Transparent tops are attached to the ceiling with steel cables. Transparent chairs , walls of frosted glass, original lamps whose radiance reflected from the metal sushi stand ... And somewhere in the background, blue neon lights image fish - a symbol of restaurants "Yapi". extravagant outfits waitresses - is the impact of culture Kawai, for which is characterized by children's demeanor and love of hi-tech. Orders are accepted via handheld computers connected to the network. Traditional Japanese food: sashimi, temaki, sukiyaki, teriyaki, nigiri sushi, tempura, etc.

GPS coordinates: 50.904330555556, 34.810011111111 qrcode

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+38 (0542) 65-98-35

Phone Number: +38 (0542) 65-98-35
Email: yapi . sumy@gmail.com
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