Mykolaiv church

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Wooden temple of Saint Nikolay with a bell tower on imposing lithoidal foundation - one of the best standards of podol'skoj school of wooden folk architecture. For building of the Mykolaiv church in 1746 chose a place on opposite from central part of Vinnytsya to the bank of South Bug, on territory of the Old city, at the foot of mountain on which the old Vinnytsya lock stood once. A temple differs in archaic architectural elements are the chopped walls and leanings against posts vaulted galleries. Bell tower, put on the corner of granit podpornoj wall, in the case of attack of enemies could serve as a fortress tower which two walls of strengthening are shot through from. In soviet times a regional museum took place in building, in 1970 restoration"is conducted

GPS coordinates: 49.226305555556, 28.469977777778 qrcode
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