Vereckij a mountain pass

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mountain pass of Carpathians on the watershed of the rivers Stryi and Latorica, on which a border passes Transcarpathian and Lvov areas. Also known as Vorotskij mountain pass or Russian Gate, Srednevereckim is now named. In 894-96 through Vereckij a mountain pass was passed by the tribes of ugrov (Hungarians) under leadership of Arpada, transmigrating from Ural in the Pridunajskuju lowland. Winning back pridunajskie earths for Bulgarians, Hungarians found the new motherland the same. To Zakarpattya Ukrainians transmigrated the same way. In 1896 on a mountain pass on which a border passed then between the Hungarian and Austrian chastjami Avstro-vengerskoj empire, a monument was set in honour finding of motherland Hungarians. He consists of seven blocks, built one on other as an arch. They symbolize seven passing through a mountain pass tribes of ugrov. In 1939 the mass shooting of Ukrainian sechevikov, protecting Ukraine of Carpathians took place here. After Second world war from an obelisk memorable tablets were taken off, he collapsed gradually. In 2008 a monument, in spite of  protests of the Ukrainian patriots, was recovered. From a mountain pass keen kinds are opened on neighbouring mountains.

GPS coordinates: 48.818611111111, 23.164444444444 qrcode
Distance: km

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