Jablunickij mountain pass

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Jablunickij (Jablonickij, Jabluneckij) mountain pass - one of two basic mountain passes, connecting Zakarpattya with the Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. Also he is named Tatar, as in the XIII century through him the Mongolo-tatarskie hordes moved to Europe. In antiquity this was a major way between Galichina principality and Hungary, after between Poland and Transil'vaniej. A mountain pass in a 931 m high passes through the saddleback of Jablunickogo of backbone of East Carpathians. Now on Jablunickom mountain pass there is a souvenir market and observational ground

GPS coordinates: 48.302472222222, 24.445438888889 qrcode
Distance: km

Tags: Mountain Pass

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