The Chapel Of The Saviour Not Made By Hands

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Miraculous Chapel of the Saviour was built on the site where in 1888 near the station Borki derailed train, which was traveling in the Russian Emperor Alexander III and his family. A lot of people died in the crash, but was in the dining-car emperor miraculously was not injured, as well as members of his family. In memory of this event was based Spasov skit. Designed by the academician of architecture Marfelda were erected Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Chapel of the Saviour Not Made by Hands. When monastery operated hospital and nursing home railroad, school, library.

During World War II the church was blown up, and the chapel is damaged. Without a dome is a unique architectural building stood for more than 50 years. Only in 2003 was carried out the restoration of the chapel, and the station returned to its historical name.

GPS coordinates: 49.6877277, 36.1277793 qrcode
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