Mosque Baybuga

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In 1991, the old village Yakyn-Baybuga (near) decided to open their mosque, as to the nearest mosque Mufti-Jami, you had to walk seven kilometers.
The search began for the construction of facilities. The first to respond International Arab organization "Zam Zam", whose fund was in Moscow, and the headquarters in Kiev. The organization promised to provide funds to build a mosque. The Muslim community was determined from the construction site and obtained permission for the construction of the village council. Only then will the future site of a mosque prayer service was held and sacrificed a sheep.
The construction of a new mosque treated seriously. It was agreed by all means to realize our plans without delay cause a long time, and as promised funds "Zam Zam" took the time to allocate, the community started to raise funds on their own. First, it was collected from each family of the Crimean Tatar village 30 hryvnia and the proceeds set to work on their own.
, A draft of the building, the analysis of land and only after that laid the foundation. Organization "Zam Zam" disappointing. She began to have promised help. The allocated money was hired team of builders, and it seemed the work began ...
But September 11, 2001 bombings in the United States, which have been accused of Arab terrorist organizations. In Moscow Fund "Zam Zam" was closed. Course of the financial support from them to think and hope is not necessary.
"Then we - said Eyup-aga - appealed to the head of the city of Feodosia Vladimir Shayderovu. He would like to express my special thanks. He supported us and to assist in the good work. At the same time we turned to entrepreneurs and businessmen. We were assisted by Reese Fettaev Ruslan Tefikov, Muzaffar Chegertma, the firm "Elim" Turkish sponsors. Actively participated in the construction of Feodosia regional Majlis led by Smail Temindarovym. When we had difficult Majlis support and help. Thank you and the department for international relations. One word helped everyone he could. While construction proceeded slowly but steadily and efficiently. We are not stingy and bought sturdy construction materials. It is worth noting that the house of God helped raise the villagers themselves. "
Thanks to the head of the Muslim community of the city of Feodosia Rize Fazil from the beginning of construction of a mosque from 1990 before putting it into operation had all the necessary documents. The mosque was built on a legal basis.
In 2002, opened the doors of the mosque Baybuga

GPS coordinates: 45.0516395437162, 35.3358805803375 qrcode
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