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"Nimble Cook" - this is the best snack in Sevastopol.

Our sandwiches are made from the freshest and choicest of products, they are appetizing and nutritious, and most importantly delicious. Surprised by our reasonable prices and consistently high quality, eat healthy, "Sport" tasty "Firebird," the mighty "Giant" and slaughter "Kabanrol."

"Nimble Cook" - it's quick and tasty meal in Sebastopol!

Cook smart for Ochakovtsev
About TM "smart COC"
The first bright-eyed Kok opened in Sevastopol at the bus stop Yumashev December 18, 2006, and for nearly six years, we are preparing for you the most delicious sandwiches.

Sebastopol and Sebastopol - THE BEST FOR YOU.
We love to Sevastopol, so for the young and trendy, business, and hurrying, we decided to build a network of sandwich. The concept we have put the following principle: Lively Kok - only the best and only fresh. All these years we have continuously improved, and one of the dots we have grown into a developed network.

Our sandwich is completely balanced: it contains less fat than a serving of borscht with cracklings. In this sandwich only beneficial and no GMOs: pita bread - it is salt water and flour; only the best chilled poultry, vegetables fresh from the market. What could be better for high-quality snack?

Our team of chefs - is the established friendly team that is happy to be enthusiastic newcomers and adapting them to our culture of service to customers. Proper nutrition - it is an important part of our lives and our health. If you do not have time for lunch, and hunger does not help in business and harm to your health, the bright-eyed cook - the leader of a snack, happy to offer you their services.

Bon Appetit!

TM "smart COC" - a network of points.
Now, when you want a snack, take a look around, maybe we are close to you and you are ready to provide service, even if not, then plan to stop your high-speed train at the crossing where there is a bright-eyed Cock. We are always on hand, because we're small, flexible and mobile.

GPS coordinates: 44.603298, 33.5211405 qrcode
Distance: km

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