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Who are we? - Cafe PappaGrappa in Simferopol
Kitchen? - Mediterranean and Italian "in exile".
Why is "in exile"? - The real Italian food is hard to export because it is not so much the products and their combinations, not so much the skill of the cook, as the relationship between the people and the attitude towards life in general.

You can learn to cook in Italy, but to acquire the Italian passion for life, an easy attitude to what is happening around, some pofigizmom, and along with the love of the people at the opening of the restaurant can not be!
That's why all of this we have replaced Italian titles and meaningless jumble of objects designed to simulate the interiors of Italy. But the Italians wanted to spit in Soho, unlike us all these statues and trinkets, they are just cooked, simply pour the wine and just happy all to see.
That's why we do not pretend to "Italian" restaurant, cafe, we PappaGrappa in Simferopol, where you will prepare delicious Italian cuisine, where the pizza will give a glass of wine, and for the check in - a cup of coffee.

We are for good food and a pleasant atmosphere, with friendly gestures and a good mood!

GPS coordinates: 44.9514830001881, 34.099525578682 qrcode
Phone Number: +38 (095) 456 7111
Distance: km

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