Nezhinskiy Svyato-Vvedensky Convent (Monastery Svyatovvedensky)

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Now this monastery is located on the southwest Nezhin. Previously, it was a suburb. "When and by whom it was established - there is no information as to the presence in it of the Gospel, printed in 1678 in Lviv, one can see that it exists more than one hundred years" - so wrote about this monastery in 1786 A.F.Shafonsky .
By the description of the Chernigov diocese, Archbishop Filaret (Gumilevsky) writes that Nezhinskii convent was founded by Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, "the widow of Colonel Starodub Brislavskoy Anna," but this information is taken from is not known.
"Having bought the land for a house, it is around his home began to build a small cell for the elderly and poor shelter, then the blessing of the hierarch, built two churches, one in the middle of the yard in honor of the Entry of the Blessed Virgin in the Temple, so the monastery was called Vvedensky, and the other - east of the first in the name of the prophet Elijah. In what year was unknown, but the remains of antiquity, no later than 1660. "
In 1756 there was a fire: burned two churches and the cell. At Chernigov Gazette for 1767 is the record: "On the street Ovdeevskoy Nunnery: on the left side (the entrance) in the hold - a new wooden church of St. Elijah the Prophet, again made of stone and wood to the Abbess for the other cell." In place of a wooden church found a lead plate with the inscription: "Established is this refectory church in honor and memory of the holy Prophet Elijah the Tishbite ... when Eleutherius Abbess put here the relics of St. Alexander Nevsky Russian - in the summer of 1757 January 12th month of the day." Stone Church of the Blessed Virgin was consecrated in 1778. In 1814 the tower was built, and under her warm temple of the holy Prophet Elijah.
In the main temple on the icon of Our Lady of the Caves in the folding tic stored for a long time relics of the martyr Macarius, Metropolitan of Kiev and St. Martyr Paraskeva. For a long time here, except for the icon, survived two icons: the prophet and the Savior. According to reports, the three icons of the temple were found in the ashes of the burned church of the holy Prophet Elijah. They were decorated with silver vestments. Further, St. Philaret (Gumilevsky) recalls that there was found a gilded bowl with the inscription: "1732 was built Costa honorable o.Ilariona Pirotskogo the monastery to the temple maiden Nezhinskii St. Elijah the Prophet."
Among the famous abbess of the monastery St. Philaret allocates Pamphylia (Kulyabkovu) Eleutherius, at which the fire occurred in a convent, and she could once again build the St. Elias Church, Magdalen, where the stone was finished Vvedensky church.
In 1775 Catherine II imperiatritsa monastery donated 150 rubles, while in the beautiful ancient city.
Since 1786 the monastery ruled Abbess Anna, which began with the abolition of the monastery.
When Abbess Barbara (Storozhenkovoy) provided to the abode of widow, 17 years igumstvovaniya stone bell tower was built with the temple.
Among the famous abbess was also Pancratius (Chernoff). She, along with the treasurer Smaragdov done a lot to the monastery: it was built fence, completed the warm church with the limit in honor of the Holy Myrrh-bearing Women, and was built in 1857 two-story stone building for the novice.
In 1860, the treasurer Smaragd becomes abbess of the monastery. Thanks to her in 1863 when Vvedensky convent school was opened for girls, founded a hospital for 12 beds, a hospice for pilgrims making and recreation, and shops for carving and painting.
In 1863, when the monastery opened a school of icon painting. It taught the art of sister, who had by this mediocre abilities. The monastery is five years after the founding of the school of icon painting began to take orders for the neighboring churches. Were written icons for the iconostasis of the Holy Ascension Church s.Basani for Christmas, Mother of God Church in Monastyrische, Eletski Chernigov monastery.
Along with the icon workshop began life iconostasis workshop where trained 15 novices.
In the monastery, and gold-produced products. Among them - orders for Eletski monastery in Chernigov and Kiev St. Elias church.
In 1864, construction began on the monastery's cemetery church in honor and memory of the Mother of God "Soothe My Sorrows." In 1869 a stone church was built. Then there was a wooden cell to the nuns. In these they lived during the processing of the monastery gardens.
Monastic School existed before the Russian-Turkish war. In this room abbess Smaragdov opened a hospital for wounded soldiers and officers. After the war the school was not opened. And in the twentieth century, a is the usual school.
Before the revolution of 1917 Nezhinskii convent had a large mansion with a stone wall, which was a church and a chapel. The monastery had a farm with a horse-mill and a bakery. Profitable part of the monastery was two floors hotel, where there were two female employees. While monastic Hotel was considered the most aristocratic and expensive. Conditions were so comfortable that wealthy bachelors lived there permanently. In addition to the estate in the city, the monastery had a hermitage in the woods near the village of Old, which was a church and a large agricultural farm.
In the women's monastery was a parish school. As a rule, in contrast to the monastery, which was popular, the convent contributed to improving the culture in the city.
In Soviet Vvedensky convent was abolished in 1936 and converted to a hospital for the wounded, and in 1941 - was closed. For a long time the monastery was in ruins. On the territory of the monastery were Vvedensky cathedral, bell tower, the former refectory, monastic cellar, Holy Protection Church with a limit of St. Nicholas, monastery hotel and shops. Destroyed the temple of the holy Prophet Elijah, residential housing, the monastic cemetery ...
During the long years of neglect in 1998, the monastery has taken place first Divine Liturgy in honor of the Mother of God "Kazan".
Gradually, the monastery was revived, adopted its previous form. Nuns went to live in a two-storey building, which was built with the help of God. The monastery is revered icon of the Mother of God "It is truly" written and consecrated on Holy Mount Athos.

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