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The order price Credit Cards Open: 9.00 - 21.00 Cafe "Varenichnaya" Kumasya "is located almost in the center of Dnepropetrovsk. Interior is stylized Ukrainian colorful courtyard style. It is here you can enjoy dumplings, cooked in the traditional Ukrainian recipes: Dumplings "Fashion" for fans of thin dough or traditional Ukrainian dumplings steam "as my grandmother cooked" with karoshkoy and cheese, with juicy berries, cabbage and dumplings, etc. All the "Kumasi" own home production. All dishes are prepared with homemade products. In addition, the menu includes other traditional Ukrainian dishes - soup with small rolls, chicken soup, salads, meat dishes, fresh sweet bread, herbal tinctures, jelly and fruit drinks.

GPS coordinates: 48.454263888889, 35.058927777778 qrcode

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+38 (056) 713-41-80

Phone Number: +38 (056) 713-41-80
Email: kumasya@dnepr.com
URL: http://kumasya.dp.ua/
Distance: km

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