Latin Quarter

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The order price Credit Cards Open: 10:00-23:00 democratic cafe "Latin quarter" focuses on a young audience, as it is located next to the campus DonNTU. name borrowed from the Paris student area adjacent to the University of Sorbonne. interior cafe "Latin quarter" is in the form of Parisian streets and alleys, with as authentic elements of facades houses, storefronts, signs, posters. duplex Hall (1st floor - 70 seats, 2nd floor - 25 seats.) There is a disco hall (22 seats) and the VIP-hall of "The Old Apartment" (10 seats), and a summer playground. basis of the menu are dishes of European cuisine, including: green salad with goose breast, New England mussel soup, salmon sauce, dill and capers, medallions of beef with garlic butter. has a page of the US-Mexican cuisine, a small selection berbekyu. background music.

GPS coordinates: 48.011388888889, 37.8025 qrcode

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+38 (062) 381-73-21, (062 ) 381-73-01

Phone Number: +38 (062) 381-73-21
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