Voznesenskij church

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Voznesenskij a church (now - Dormition of The Most Holy our Lady) is founded in Zolocheve in 1730 together with a monastery and college of piarov. After liquidation of order of piarov by Austrian authorities in 1788 a church was closed, in building placed storages. In 1838 here rimo-katolicheskij arrival moved from Voskresenskogo of temple which passed to greco-catholic. In soviet times this was an only operating church between Lviv and Zbruchem. A temple executed in magnificent style of late baroque. During restoration in 1878 on a main facade a quadrangular tower is erected with a clock from an ashler, a fronton facing, a roof is covered by the zincked tin, five lithoidal sculptures are set in niches. The vaults of nefa and apses are richly executed by a screw-thread and painting

GPS coordinates: 49.805833333333, 24.902777777778 qrcode
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