Church of Spasa on Berestove

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Ancient temple, located after the north wall of the Kievo-pecherskoj lavra. The birch-bark (now territory of park of Slava) was the suburban residence of the Kyiv prince Vladimir Great and his descendants. It is considered that building of temple in this place of beginning in the XII century Vladimir a Monostroke as a main cathedral of the Spaso-Preobrazhenskogo monastery is residences of princes of sort of Monomahovichej. Here bury to his daughter Evfimija and Sofia, and also founder of Moscow Yuriy Dolgorukij and his son Kyiv Prince Gleb Yuriy. In XVII - XVIII vv. a temple was reconstructed and and became a fivedome, interiors were painted by Kyiv and afonskimi masters. In the XIX century of arh. Melenskij finished building to him a bell tower

GPS coordinates: 50.4372, 30.5548 qrcode
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