Пузата Хата

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The Puzata Hata brand was founded in 2003. Today Puzata Hata is the largest chain of colorful Ukrainian cuisine restaurants found in Kyiv and in Ukraine’s other major cities.
Puzata Hata’s brand concept is very smart and original: cozy locations with unique interior designs, impressive diversified national cuisine, and reasonable prices for people who value quality. According to statistics, over 50% of Puzata Hata diners are regular customers. It could be argued that Puzata Hata has become one of the top culinary calling cards of Kyiv as well as Ukraine. The proof is in the overwhelming positive feedback from foreign customers amazed by the well-thought-out design and the quality of the food.

GPS coordinates: 50.4374784, 30.5157887 qrcode

Contact info

Personnel Recruitment Department:
tel. (044) 417-03-23
e-mail: recruit@puzatahata.kiev.ua
Dnipropetrovsk  Branch Office
1 Lenina St., Office 111, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine 49000
tel. (056) 371-42-64
Personnel Recruitment Department:
tel. (056) 371-42-65
e-mail: hr@dp.puzatahata.com.ua
Kharkiv Branch office
2 Sumska St., Kharkiv, Ukraine 61001
tel. (057) 766-90-29
Personnel Recruitment Department:
tel. (057) 766-90-29
e-mail: personal@kh.puzatahata.com.ua
Odessa Branch office
30 Bunina St., office 18, Odessa, Ukraine 65026
tel. (048) 738-40-45
Personnel Recruitment Department:
tel. (048) 738-40-45
e-mail: personal@odessa.puzatahata.com.ua
L’viv Branch office
7 Bohdana Kotyka St., office 407, L’viv, Ukraine 79041
tel. (032) 244-87-28
Personnel Recruitment Department:
tel. (032) 244-87-28
e-mail: gala@puzatahata.kiev.ua

Phone Number: +38 (044) 391-46-99
URL: http://www.puzatahata.com.ua/
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