Ikon Bar

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The order price Open: 12:00-2:00 (Thu-Sat - 18:00-6:00) Club-restaurant " Ikon Bar " - one of the most "mystical" institutions of Kyiv. According to legend, there once lived some alchemist Zarasai Ikon, spending most of their time in search of the Philosopher's Stone in his underground laboratory in the basement of branched old house to the pool. Here he arranged receptions and magical ideas for Kiev aristocracy. This mystical atmosphere tried to convey in interiors "Ikon Bar": bare brick walls, candles, religious sculptures of animals, forged lattice. Gothic and vintage items smoothly flow in modern forms, creating an unusual atmosphere. in its three volumes menu - delicious meals from upscale master of European cuisine. Exclusive cocktail menu (supposedly prescription alchemist) has created one of the best miksolodzhistov Moscow. Corporate shot - "Boobs". On weekdays, working institution operates as a restaurant, and on weekends are parties . Dj-rezienty Serge Jazzmate, Goya, Kott, Tellar regularly pleasing their fresh setami style house, tech-house, disco, funk, minimal. At parties working face control, dress code.

GPS coordinates: 50.584711111111, 30.492697222222 qrcode

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+38 (044) 234-69-96, (067) 507-70-20

Phone Number: +38 (050) 445-67-47
URL: http://www.gusto.in.ua/
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