Carriage house

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The order price Works: round restaurant recreation complex "Carriage house" in Lugansk is located on the left bank of . Lugan. Picturesque location, boating. Two banquet halls for 50 and 20 people. interior is decorated in the style of the inns XVIII-XIX centuries. also a summer barbecue park with a waterfall and fireplace room for 30 people in the menu offers dishes different times and peoples (300 positions), but dominated recipes home Cossack cuisine. Specialties: boiled crabs, sturgeon, ear Live music on ancient instruments. There are hotel rooms, sauna, swimming pool, parking.

GPS coordinates: 48.5728, 39.2729 qrcode

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+38 (0642) 91-01-91, (067 ) 771-47-34, (050) 500-68-10

Phone Number: +38 (0642) 91-01-91
Distance: km

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