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works order price: around the clock "Kryivka" (in Ukrainian - "Kriїvka", sometimes referred to "Kraivka") - the first theme restaurant of the city. Located in the historical center of the city, on the Market Square in front of City Hall. But, as it should be really "Bandera caches" (dugout UPA fighters), well disguised, and find it easy. restaurant interior "Kryivka "represents a successful styling of this forest hideouts UPA during the Second World War - on the wall weapons and various national artifacts, if you want you can shoot at the ceiling blanks of certain weapons Second World War, all the waitresses wearing uniforms and armed with fake" guns " . Original interior, friendly service and a lot of interesting details perfectly capture the atmosphere of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. How to get to the restaurant "Kryivka": once you find the door (there is no signage and advertising), you need to knock at the little window. His open armed guard with the call sign "Glory to Ukraine". correct response - "Glory to heroes". You will then be asked whether there is among you "moskalі, komunіsts, traitors". So you did not answer, you will still be offered to test a glass of mead. If you said no the truth on your forehead should show a red star :) And only after that bookcase, next to which you spent all this time, and you will be able to get in through it. Institution "Networks conceptual copyright restaurants!" Fest ".

GPS coordinates: 49.841388888889, 24.0325 qrcode

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+38 (050) 430-63-54, (095) 260-45-46

Phone Number: +38 (050) 430-63-54
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