The most expensive restaurant Galicia (Masonic restaurant)

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The order price Open: 11:00 - 02:00 "The most expensive restaurant Galicia." Included in "Network conceptual copyright institutions"!FEST ". Located in the heart of city - on Market Square, opposite the Town Hall over the Winged Lion. The concept of the restaurant - open chosen world of Freemasonry, with its secret signs and symbols. At the entrance you will be greeted brother Mason, who welcome "dedicate" you in the Masons, and every male guests will issue mandatory to visit schools apron and white gloves (mandatory attribute "Fraternity of Freemasons" - translated from French as "Mason"). Interior "box" decorated with portraits of well-known representatives of this order, as well as a compass, hammers, pyramids, triangles with the "all-seeing eye" and other attributes of "Freemasons". Toilet in the restaurant is decorated in a huge throne. Cuisine - European. Original presentation of dishes. Prices on the menu are very high (it seems that accidentally put extra "0"), but all visitors with 90% discount.

GPS coordinates: 49.8413, 24.0324 qrcode

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+38 (050) 430-87-83

Phone Number: +38 (050) 430-87-83
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