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Sevastopol Summer water park "Zurbagan" Situated not far from the sea in one of zhyvopysnыh uholkov Sevastopol - in Victory Park. At any point of wanting water park could nasladytsya Recreation and get portsyyu adrenalyna on mnohochyslennыh slide.

Total water park in 15 hills:
- 4 swimming pools for adults
- 1 for teenagers
- 2 for babies

You can get here with the following busses:
Number 23 - that's 5 km Balaklavsky highway up to the water park
Number 30 - that's 5 km Veschevoy Marketplace (through downtown) to Sylpo
Interval movement 15-20 minutes.
From railway and bus stations #4, #107, #109, #110, #112 to Victory Park.

You can take any public transport, following the Bay of Reed. Stop - "Victory Park", next to the monument to George on the central avenue of the park, before reaching 100 m to the beach - right (there are signs).

GPS coordinates: 44.6072420901547, 33.4590329362458 qrcode

Contact info

Phone: (0692) 48-00-99, 41-41-44, 53-96-73
Е-mail: kom4@zur.com.ua

Phone Number: +38 (050) 588-84-47
URL: http://zur.com.ua/
Distance: km

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