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WOG - a network of filling stations in Ukraine.

WOG is the largest importer of motor fuels in Ukraine. The network of petroleum products supplied from plants Romania, Lithuania and Belarus. Fuel quality, which is sold at gas stations WOG, confirmed the quality of passports and certificates of conformity.

At petrol stations WOG sold gasoline grades A-76, A-80, A-92, A-95, 95MUSTANG, MUSTANG100, DT Mustang, propane - butane.

In parallel with the sale of traditional motor fuels - gasoline and diesel fuel - a network of filling stations WOG being implemented PBA LPG (propane and butane).

Given the trend of increasing demand for consumption PBA in Ukraine, the company is actively increasing network of natural gas filling station modules WOG. Pay for gas can be purchased for cash as well as through the fuel card and coupons WOG

 fuel card 
Coupons - a simple, convenient and reliable method of cashless payment for fuel.

Coupons may use both legal and private persons. They can be purchased with cash or by bank transfer. Coupons, which are served by a network station WOG, issued nominal value of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 liters for gasoline all grades, diesel and gas PBA. When buying fuel customer pays a certain amount of fuel, and gets the corresponding coupons denominations.

GPS coordinates: 50.6126339, 26.2373733 qrcode

Contact info

For contacting the operator and obtaining consultations or expressing your comments and concerns call toll free 0 800 500 613
Toll free number is for the purpose of improving the quality of WOG TM gas stations activity, constant development, and increasing the level of services provided to the customer.

Phone Number: +38 0 800 500 613
URL: http://wog.ua
Distance: km

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