Old Castle

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The order price Open: 11:00-24:00 stylized medieval fortress under the hotel-restaurant complex "Old Castle" welcomes visitors away from Vinnitsa to Gnivan side, on the outskirts of the village Agronomic. Closed area is surrounded by stone walls with turrets and massive wooden gate. rooms in a historic atmosphere, accentuated by a rough stone and wood interiors, heavy furniture, decorative copper utensils on shelves. On the walls - painted by artist Sergey Khmelnitsky scholars depicting scenes of ancient legends. 2 rooms on different floors can accommodate up to 40 visitors.'s summer playground with a fountain and a bridge - covered terrace for 200 visitors. European cuisine with an emphasis on meat. sausages and various homemade sausage. Specialties: salad "Las Vegas," salad " My Lady "with shrimps and red caviar, salmon, seafood, mushrooms in a cream sauce with slices of salmon, pork ears with cabbage, chicken with pomegranate sauce Vertunov, chelogach in wine mustard marinade. The complex has a restaurant and 3 small hotel rooms.

GPS coordinates: 49.195938888889, 28.386330555556 qrcode

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+38 (0432) 69-45-14, 69-45-12

Phone Number: +38 (0432) 69-45-14
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