Cityplaces is the service for finding various offline places in your city: coffee shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques, pharmacies, hotels, gas stations and many other places of destination. At this time data is available for Ukraine only, but we are expanding our geography. The site will determine Your geographic coordinates and will produce 20 nearby places of interest/destination. If the position specified is not correct - you can change it by clicking on the tag and specify the address (postal address or geographical co-ordinates). Search results can be refined through the name and description, or in the categories filters.

"Results" show a summary of the objects shown on the map and the control buttons:

  • Show the route on the map
  • Show the place marker
  • Make a call (for mobile devices)
  • Show the address and phone number of the place
  • Visit their website

By clicking on the name of your place a page with detailed information and photos will open (currently in development), as well as 3 nearby places of the same category.

Who will benefit from this app:

  • tourists, who don't know where and what is in the city, region and on the route (awhile ago in the downtown Kiev I had the hardest time finding a supermarket)
  • travelers (route planning is coming soon)
  • locals, who know their city, and yet need help or would like to find new places. (I was needing to find a 24-hour pharmacy nearby one time.)
  • anyone, who wants to share their views and ratings, or know others' opinions about the different establishments and places

P.S. Your comments, suggestions, and new places of destination are welcome. Don't forget to rate your places and post the photos! :)


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